Documentary Works

A la caza del rey

Mar del Plata 1993: Garry Kasparov, world chess champion, is invited to inaugurate an international tournament where he agreed to play a series of games against unknown chess players, who were defeated one by one. When Kasparov played the last game, Juan Carlos De las Heras, Argentine chess player, to the astonishment of those audience, achieved the impossible and defeated him.

Buenos Aires 2006: A Russian chess player, decides to send an anonymous letter to De las Heras where he proposes the first movement to start a game by correspondence. The Argentine will accept the challenge, whose outcome will be as unforeseen as his triumph against Kasparov.


Garry Kasparov
Juan Carlos de las Heras
Evgeni Shishkin
Alexander Kovaliov


Javier Vásconez: Esta casa esta poblada de muertos

Short film about one of the most interesting writers in Ecuador: Javier Vásconez. I met him when I was a kid and we become close friends. I have been filming a documentary film on his life for over 8 years. This is an interview that I made to him 0n 2015.

American Spiritual Ensemble: Tour in Ecuador

The American Spiritual Ensemble is a critically-acclaimed professional group composed of some of the finest singers in the classical music world. The vocalists have thrilled audiences around the world with their dynamic renditions of classic spirituals and Broadway numbers.